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5 reasons Scottish NHS & local authorities should install EV chargers

Written by Barbara Morris

If you are considering installing EV charging points at your NHS or local authority locations, then congratulations, you are already thinking green and future-proofing your sites and community!

However, if you haven’t considered installing charge points, here are a number of reasons to consider the investment.

1Attract AND RETAIN Staff

Installing and offering EV charging options on your premises demonstrates your organisation's commitment to sustainability and modernisation. This can be a significant draw for environmentally-conscious potential employees.

It also caters to those who have already or are considering owning electric vehicles. The Scottish House Condition Survey reported that up to 44% of households in Scotland might not have access to adequate off-street parking, so home electric charging poses a great challenge for many. Offering charging facilities at the workplace makes it convenient for your staff to charge their vehicle during work hours, saving them time and encouraging more staff to transition to electric cars.

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2Funding incentives

Believe it or not, installing charge points on your premises might not be the huge investment you’d expect. The UK government offers funding incentives to organisations, including the NHS and local authorities, for installing EV charging infrastructures at their location to help offset installation costs.

The Workplace Charging Scheme offers public sector organisations funding of up to 75% of the total costs, including VAT, of purchasing and installing EV charge points.

small double arrowWorkplace Charging and other funding options are available to organisations in the UK.
Find out if your EV chargers could be eligible for funding incentives.



The electric vehicle industry is growing rapidly, and the EV charging infrastructure will need to continue to grow to keep up with the demand for charging facilities. Offering charging capabilities to your staff and visitors shows that your location is adapting to the changing transportation trends and can accommodate the driver's needs.

In the UK, there are regulations mandating a certain number of EV charging points per number of parking spaces. By proactively installing workplace chargers, you ensure compliance and may avoid possible fines in the future.

Installing an EV charging infrastructure may also lead to your organisation complying with certain sustainability schemes as well as aligning with the initiative of the NHS Carbon Reduction Plan for procurement of NHS goods, services and works.

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4Improved air quality for public Health

Offering electric vehicle charging facilities at your location can help encourage more drivers to transition to electric, especially the aforementioned 44% of Scotland without off-street parking. Improved air quality in the surrounding area could be the result of providing the community with public EV charging options. Reduced air pollution can lead to better public health, which aligns with the mission of the NHS to improve the health and well-being of the community.

Even further, transitioning your fleet to EV as well as setting standards for suppliers and third-party emergency vehicles to be electric, could have an even greater positive impact on the air quality of your town or city. 

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5Social Responsibility

Though the NHS and local authorities are not corporations and are not held to the standards of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), there is likely pressure on responsible sustainability as publicly funded organisations. Installing EV charging points at your location demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint, enhancing your CSR profile and improving relationships with environmentally-conscious partners and taxpayers in Scotland.

Your display of duty toward a greener future is also likely to generate positive media coverage and showcase your facility's dedication to sustainable practices, potentially boosting your public perception.

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Worried about the upkeep of EV chargers?

Don't be! If you choose Fuuse as your charge point management software, our Remote Maintenance tools and high-quality UK-based Customer Success team will have you, your charge points, and your drivers in the best hands.

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Dana Taqi, Customer Success Manager at Fuuse

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