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Stabilise your energy usage with Dynamic Load Balancing

Written by Barbara Morris

With FuuseEnergy Dynamic Load Balancing, you can maximise the number of EV chargers on your sites without incurring expensive infrastructure upgrades. Real time energy monitoring ensures your EV charging electrical demand is reduced when the site energy demand is high.

Dynamic Load Balancing with Fuuse

ProtectV2Protect sites from capacity spikes

MaximiseV2Maximise power to EV chargers

MinimiseV2Minimise expensive DNO upgrades

PreventV2Prevent capacity tariff penalties





How it works

Dynamic Load Balancing with FuuseDynamic Load Balancing is similar to how your home router manages your Wi-Fi bandwidth.

Fluctuating the distribution of electricity, Dynamic Load Balancing dynamically changes the maximum amount energy that chargers can utilise based on availability and requirement at the site level. 

You control your electrical demand by setting limits that can not be exceeded whenever your site’s electricity spikes.

On the other hand, Static Load Balancing, a feature offered in the Fuuse platform, manages electricity from the distribution panel and is allocated a set total capacity chargers can utilise. Businesses with smaller capacities can operate sufficiently with Static Load Balancing.


When it's not quite dynamic

There are options on the market offering tiers of Dynamic Load Balancing, however, the lower tier tends to be designed like Static Load Balancing but with the ability to balance charging between EV chargers.

Though this feature might be useful for a charge point operator to manage charger usage, it has less impact on energy distribution and balancing of the overall site’s energy demand.


Fuuse EnergyLogger hardwareSmarter hardware for greater reliability

Installing the innovatively designed hardware, EnergyLogger, to your site delivers real-time data on your energy usage and breaker trip rating to your Energy Monitoring dashboard.

This tool uses assigned limits within the dashboard to prevent damaging capacity spikes, protecting your site and the DNO, whilst managing your EV charger needs.

To prevent any lapse in monitoring your energy demand, the Fuuse EnergyLogger will automatically switch to a 4G connection if WiFi signal is lost. This reliable feature is unique to FuuseEnergy when compared to most other competitive energy monitoring providers on the market focused on EV charging.


Schedule EV charging around peak energy times

Fuuse Energy Monitoring and EV charging Driver AppWith the data extracted from the Energy Monitoring dashboard, you are equipped to make informed decisions about your EV charging and how you plan charging sessions. Coupled with the Fuuse EV charging back office platform's Smart Charging features, you'll have the tools needed to set designated charging times for the chargers across your sites.

Within the Fuuse Platform, you can set open charging hours outside your high energy demand times to help alleviate some of the energy demand at your sites, as well as reduce the risk of energy spikes.

Smart Charging also offers randomised start times for charging, protecting your site from too many chargers initiating a charge all at once, resulting in energy spikes.

Read more about Smart Charging.


Online grocer reaping the benefits

A national online supermarket had been charging their fleet of delivery vans on site since 2021. When planning to expand their fleet and add more chargers, they knew they would need load balancing to ensure that existing infrastructure could be used.​

Through Energy Monitoring, Fuuse was able to determine the impact EV charging was having on site energy and discovered the site breaker was regularly being exceeded when EV charging was in operation. Our Multi Level Dynamic Load Balancing solution was deployed to dynamically adjust the amount of power available to their EV chargers. ​

lightbulb iconThe incoming supply cables comprised of 2 conductors per phase, which typically would prevent the site from being protected by most Dynamic Load Balancing solutions due to the size of CT's available, however our 3000A flexible CT's available for FuuseEnergy overcome the problem.


Fuuse Dynamic Load Balancing use case

Fuuse Dynamic Load Balancing is now successfully protecting the site.


Fuuse offers more to manage your energy demands

One of the many benefits of choosing FuuseEnergy: EnergyMap and Energy Monitoring solutions come standard when you integrate Fuuse Dynamic Load Balancing. These tools allow you to manage, audit, and monitor the energy demand and usage across multiples sites.

Energy Mapping or Energy Monitoring are not available from any other EV charging back office software without bundling with third party retailers. Read more about Energy Monitoring and EnergyMap in the FuuseEnergy suite.


Ready to get started or want to know more? Get in touch with our experts.


Explore how Fuuse charge point management could get you maximise charger utilisation, generate recurring revenue and ease your transition to electric vehicles.

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