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EV Charging Software

Fuuse is a flexible charge point management system, built to open standards and compatible with OCPP compliant hardware.

Scalable to meet needs across settings, Fuuse offers tools and features for installers, operators and drivers to get more from their EV chargers.

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Compatible with OCPP hardware

Take charge with Access Controls

Tailor your Fuuse platform to get exactly what you need from your EV chargers

Restrict Access icon

Restrict Access

Allow charger access to only the drivers you want.

Set opening times icon

Set opening times

Set different opening times for different days and different groups.  Open chargers up to the public when not in use to maximise utilisation.

Control charging methods icon

Control charging methods

Charge by RFID card, Pay As You Go or Driver App.

Manage multiple tariffs icon

Manage multiple tariffs

Set preferential rates for employees and visitors, or set lower off peak rates to encourage public charging.

Generate revenue for you and your clients

Open workplace chargers to the public for an additional revenue stream, or charge a fee to cover your energy usage.

Allow public charging icon

Allow public charging

Set opening hours and manage multi-tariffs and subscriptions.


Make chargers visible

Attract drivers by having your chargers discoverable on popular mapping tools like Zap-Map, Google Maps and Apple Map, plus in car navigators.

We can manage your payments icon

We can manage your payments

Managing payments has data, legal and FCA implications to consider.  We can take the strain for you, managing all payments for charging sessions and simply delivering one monthly payment to you.

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Ensure availability

Give drivers peace of mind with bookings and discourage bay hogging with overstay fees, ANPR and bay sensors (coming soon).  

Maximise uptime with remote maintenance

Fuuse offers a suite of tools that goes far beyond simple charger reporting - enabling you to keep your chargers running smoothly.

Click to fix remote maintenance icon

Click to fix remote maintanence

Start and end sessions, perform hard and soft resets and unlock connectors, all remotely with a click of a button.

Open issue tracking icon

Open issue tracking

Track open issues directly in the Fuuse platform, adding images, location details and additional notes.

Automated fault reporting icon

Automated fault reporting

Issues are created and alerts sent before the driver reports a problem.

Charger health logs icon

Charger health logs

Fuuse pulls OCPP messages directly into the platform including boot notifications, status updates and heartbeats.

Optimise Energy Usage

Explore data backed insights to inform your EV charging strategy, ensuring your site has the capacity to handle your charging needs.

Power capacity audit icon

Power capacity Audit

Taking half hourly data, Fuuse MAP assesses the yearly average, peak and low energy usage of your site.

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Multi Level Dynamic Load Balancing

Dynamically change the maximum 
amount of energy that chargers can 
take, ensuring electrical demand does 
not exceed pre-set limits.

DNO recommendations icon

DNO recommendations

Understanding your site’s current energy consumption gives you insight you need on capacity changes you may need to request from the DNO.

Enterprise level smart charging icon

Enterprise level smart charging

Our enterprise smart charging solution takes into consideration the needs of an entire fleet whilst balancing both site and grid capacity.

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An Evolving Platform

With innovation at our core, Fuuse research and development addresses emerging challenges at the cutting edge of the industry.

Our EV charging platform is therefore constantly evolving to meet what’s coming down the road.

Talk to us about innovation partnering.

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The EV industry is accelerating.

Keep up to date with all the latest industry and Fuuse news.

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