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Who can be a charge point operator?

Written by Barbara Morris

Updated 22/05/24

According to Zapmap, as of April 2024, there were 61,232 electric vehicle charging points across the UK, across 32,697 charging locations. With the EV industry growing, so is the public EV charging industry as the infrastructure continues to expand.

Although this is good news for the future of electric vehicles and the UK’s targets for Net Zero, all those public charge points need to be monitored and maintained. An organisation responsible for public or private charge points is considered a charge point operator (CPO), however, the role of charger management will likely fall on one individual within that organisation.

The role of CPO is important, but with the right charge point management software, it doesn't have to be a burden. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of CPOs.


local authorities

Local AuthoritiesThe public sector can mean anything from the NHS to council services, all of which will require workplace and public chargers. Councils are beginning to provide public charging options within their towns and cities to help bolster the EV charging infrastructure and encourage more people to transition to electric.

With possibly dozens of public and workplace charge points, local authorities will require monitoring and maintenance of the charging estate and infrastructure. Having the right tools to properly track and report on charger utilisation, energy consumption and sustainability is vital.

monitoring-1-1The Fuuse Dashboard offers a quick insight into all your chargers, public and private.



FleetBusiness and organisations transitioning fleets to electric has accelerated as the UK works toward the goal of Net Zero in 2035. Logistics operations can be extremely involved, but managing the charges of an EV fleet does not have to be a huge undertaking. With a good infrastructure and tools, the transition to electric fleets is achievable.

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to transitioning fleets to electric is the affect the charging of the vehicles will have on the site's electricity and the grid. With the help of Energy Monitoring software and Dynamic Load Balancing, fleets can be managed safely without spiking energy demand and risking affecting the grid.

charger icon-1Dynamic Load Balancing safeguards site locations and the grid from energy spikes as fleets charge.


workplace charging

WorkplaceOffering workplace charging can attract and retain staff, especially those with electric vehicles needing assurance they will have access to charging as they work. Around 24% of the UK does not have off-street parking, so having workplace charging options can encourage more drivers to transition to electric.

Providing charging facilities at the office not only displays a commitment to sustainability to clients and investors, but also allows them the opportunity to charge when they visit your location.

Though it might seem like a substantial investment, with the government Workplace Charging Scheme grant, installing a charging infrastructure is attainable. Having charge points available also helps future-proof the location, as more regulations enforcing a minimum number of charge points per carpark are being mandated.

Group 199Bookings lets staff reserve a charger, ensuring the opportunity to charge during work hours.


destination charging

DestinationOffering guests and customers charging facilities at destination locations is not only providing a convenience, but can also increase customer loyalty. When a guest stays at a destination, they can relax and rest easier knowing that they will have access to chargers while they continue to enjoy their holiday or work visit.

Shopping centres, supermarkets, and other shops providing charging to their guests can also benefit from customers dwelling longer in their location, increasing the chance they will spend more while they allow their car to adequately charge.

payment icon-2Multi-tariffs allow for visitor charging as well as preferential rates for staff.


EV Charging regulations in the uk

At the end of 2023 the UK government announced the pending charging regulations coming into effect from October 2024 with the aim to further support the expansion and maintenance of the UK’s EV charging infrastructure:

Contactless Payments: New public charge points of 8kW and above and existing charge points of 50kW and above must offer contactless payment options. Proprietary networks that open their charge points for public use will have one year from the date that the charge point becomes public to comply.

Roaming Providers: Charge point operators must enable consumers to pay through at least one roaming provider at their charge points within two years.

99% Reliability: Rapid charge points must be 99% reliable, measured as an average across each charge point operator’s rapid network. Information on reliability compliance must be published on the charge point operator’s website within one year.

24/7 Helpline: A free-to-use 24/7 staffed telephone helpline must be available and advertised at all charge points within one year.

Open Data: All data must be accurate, and charge point operators must use the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) to hold and open their data. Reference and availability data must be made publicly available in a machine-readable format. Government bodies, Distribution Network Operators, Transmission Owners, and Electricity System Operators must have access to all data within one year.

Pricing Metric: The maximum price of a charging session must be displayed clearly in pence per kilowatt hour. The price can be displayed either on the charge point or through a separate device.

These regulations are designed to ensure a robust, accessible, and user-friendly charging network across the UK, supporting the transition to electric vehicles and helping achieve the Net Zero target by 2050.

here to support every type of CPO

Choosing Fuuse charge point management software supports CPO’s in their journey to becoming compliant with the new UK charging regulations; from access to Remote Maintenance tools and the high-quality UK-based Customer Success team to our integrations and partnerships with renowned global payment providers.

Dana V2“Our Customer Success Team are passionate about ensuring a smooth and personalised onboarding experience based on our customer’s needs, allowing them to get the most out of our services.

It is important to us that we continue to build trust and deliver value to new and existing clients.”

Dana Taqi, Customer Success Manager at Fuuse

Fuuse offers fully comprehensive customer support packages covering chargers, drivers, and the platform.

Support-1Explore Fuuse support packages.


Explore how Fuuse charge point management could get you maximise charger utilisation, generate recurring revenue and ease your transition to electric vehicles.

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