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Flexible EV Charging For Workplaces

Support your staff in their transition to EV with intuitive EV charge point management. Futureproof your office parking and cater for staff and visitors.

Plus, open your chargers to the public when not in use and generate additional revenue with simple multi-tariff management and access controls.

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Lead the charge

Customise your office charge points for your business needs.

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Control driver access

Keep chargers private and restrict access to employees, or open to the public at set times.  Configure who can access your chargers, when.

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Manage multiple tariffs

Set different rates for different driver groups, at different times of the day. Allow pay as you go, pay via the app, pay via RFID or subscriptions.

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Optimise availability

Overstay fees, push notifications and charger bookings ensure chargers are ready when drivers need them.

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Maximise uptime

Remote click to fix maintenance, plus driver and charger support, ensures your chargers are running smoothly.

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Simple for Operators

Our user friendly interface allows every level of operator to easily manage and configure your EV chargers.

From setting access controls to managing smart charging schedules and exploring charging insights - it’s all clear with the Fuuse back office platform.

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Smooth for Drivers

With an intuitive driver app, plus options to charge through RFID or anonymous web payments, your drivers can easily begin, pay for and track the progress of their charging sessions.

Scalable EV Charging For All Sectors


Dealerships & Leasing

Full visibility of your EV inventory charging habits, plus on road and staff charging provisions.
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Align with your sustainability agenda whilst catering for the growing demand of staff, student and visitor EV charging needs. 
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Transition your own fleet, and provide charging facilities for staff, patients and visitors across multiple sites.  All managed from one back office platform.
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Enhance end of trip facilities and restrict access to EV charge points to office building tenants.  Manage multi tariffs for authorised visitors and ensure charger availability through bookings, overstay fees and alerts.
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“We see Fuuse backend management software as the most forward-thinking platform for workplaces”

Restricted Access EV charging for workplace tenants

A tailored EV charging solution for end of trip facilities

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“Fuuse and MJ Quinn delivered a user friendly, reliable charging network across our UK operations that met our scope of work, in a timely, efficient way with great customer communication throughout the roll out.”

Fuuse helps to save 37000 kg of CO2

An iterative approach to EV charging infrastructure

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The EV industry is accelerating.

Keep up to date with all the latest industry and Fuuse news.

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