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Reliable EV Charging For Charge Point Operators

Deliver a robust network, attract drivers and track revenue growth.

Fuuse is the popular choice for CPOs looking for a UK based software partner to power their networks with a seamless, secure solution. 

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Lead the charge

Fuuse EV charge point management software empowers CPOs to deliver an uncompromised EV charging experience to drivers.

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Maximise uptime of chargers with a reliable and robust system, complete with automated maintenance and alerts and remote click to fix features.

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Set different rates for different driver groups, at different times of the day. Allow pay as you go, pay via the app, pay via RFID or subscriptions.



Comprehensive OZEV compliant reporting into charger utilisation driver habits, financial and revenue reports.

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Fully compliant with Smart Charging Regulations including the latest security legislation.

Integrated with leading charge point manufacturers


generate recurring revenue

Manage your own payments or let Fuuse take care of it for you. Either way, Fuuse offers features to help generate more revenue from your chargers:

  • Flexible payment options include payment via RFID, Pay As You Go online payments and Driver app
  • Contactless payments through Paytr and Alio terminals
  • Subscriptions to increase driver loyalty

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Enable Driver Roaming

Make your charging network discoverable and facilitate roaming with wider networks, through Fuuse Public

  • Fuuse Public promotes your chargers to popular EV charge point mapping services including ZapMap, Google Maps and Apple Maps, and leading in-car navigators.

  • Facilitate roaming with connections to external networks and popular charge card integrations including AllStar, Paua and Electroverse.
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White Labelling Available

Stay in control with your own branded driver app, back office platform and driver support services.

Grow your reputation, empowered by Fuuse, and deliver a seamless charging experience to your drivers.

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24/7 Helpline
for your drivers

With Fuuse EV charger and driver support packages, your drivers and operating teams have support on hand, when they need it.

Plus you’ll have complete visibility on support handling.

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Case Study

“The Fuuse team have really delivered on the technical integrations – letting us get on with growing our network!”

246% increase in revenue

Fuuse increases revenues, and charger utilisation with Fuuse Public: Location Services and Charge Card Integrations

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The EV industry is accelerating.

Keep up to date with all the latest industry and Fuuse news.

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