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Luxury hotel, spa, and EV charging
case study

In partnership with eCharge

Castlemartyr is a five-star luxury hotel located in the beautiful countryside of Cork, Ireland. With 108 available rooms and suites, a Michelin Star restaurant, and multiple event venues, Castlemartyr is a busy destination location. In collaboration with eCharge, Fuuse are able to provide much needed EV charging solutions to cater to the needs of the guests and complement Castelmartyr’s Green Programme. 

Project challenge:

ev charging to improve customer experience and business performance

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With the rising popularity of electric vehicles and the needs of guests requiring EV charging options, Castlemartyr wanted to continue to provide an exemplary home-away-from-home experience for their guests by offering easy charging options.

The hotel soon discovered bay hogging to be an issue, whereby a driver will leave their vehicle in a charging bay beyond the time their vehicle needs to charge. This could impact a guest’s experience if their vehicle is not suitably charged due to having to wait for an available charger.

Charging solution

eCharge installed four Easee 7kWh charge points in the car park of Castlemartyr, and chose Fuuse as the back-office platform, making it the debut project for Fuuse in Ireland. Guests with electric vehicles can now achieve even greater relaxation during their stay at the hotel and spa knowing they have access to on-site chargers.

To address the problem of bay hogging, Overstay Fees set up in the Fuuse platform discourages drivers from leaving their vehicle too long in a charging bay. This feature offers greater insurance that all guests in need of EV charging have been catered to. 

Resulting benefits

Some of the many benefits Castlemartyr have experienced include:
tariff icon

Tariff management

Allow preferential charging rates for staff, generating revenue to cover the energy usage costs with tariff management.

remote maintenance icon

Remote maintenance tools

Remote maintenance tools and status notifications provide ease of charger support & management.

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Overstay fees

Discourage bay hogging with overstay fees.

charging green icon

Sustainability reporting

Clear CO2 and NOx saving reports align with a sustainability ethos.

Reported yearly totals

With Castlemartyr now offering charging solutions to their guests, visitors, and staff, there have been notable usage reporting.

Lightning bolt icon

923 kWh

Energy delivered.

eco charging icon

502 kg

CO2 savings.

“We selected Fuuse as our foundation for eCharge because it provides a versatile charge point management platform designed to open standards and is compatible with all OCPP compliant devices. The platform enables our customer to generate recurring income through platform sales.”

Neil Campbell
MD of eCharge at eEnergy Plc.

The Fuuse Platform

Flexible across use cases, explore the Fuuse platform to see how you could make the most out of your chargers.

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